Joseph Agu/Paul Rimmer: Nutrition For Hypertrophy & Metabolic Adaptation

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4 hours 30 minutes of exercise nutrition from two of the leading experts in the field

In this seminar, Asst. Prof Joseph Agu shareS HIS knowledge and experience of nutrition theory and practical application for muscle hypertrophy.


We've added in a FREE LECTURE from Nexus Performance/TRA Director Dr Paul Rimmer on metabolic adaptation too.

What You'll Learn:

Each presentation is filmed in high-quality and uses animations to show you close ups of the presenter's slides. 

Use this digital resource again and again and keep at the forefront of nutritional science.

Joseph Agu: Nutritional Interventions for Muscle Hypertrophy (2 hours 23 minutes long): 

  • What can be achieved naturally and what affects this?
  • Experience-related rates of muscle growth
  • Estimating caloric requirements for muscle gain
  • Thoughts on body recomposition
  • Setting macronutrient intakes
  • Hormonal effects
  • Thoughts on intermittent fasting and keto dieting
  • An up-to-date overview of protein research
  • Overview of muscle protein synthesis
  • Daily requirements
  • Protein sources
  • Amino acid supplementation
  • Liquid vs. solid proteins
  • Nutrient timing

Paul Rimmer: Metabolic Adaptation - Is There a Case for Reverse Dieting? (2 hours 5 minutes):

  • Regulation of metabolism
  • How the body adapts to energy restriction and to what extent
  • Strategies for limiting metabolic adaptation
  • Reverse dieting: the evidence for and against
  • Post-diet strategies: population and individual considerations